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There are some things that are more fun kept among friends. Some experiences, some meals, some destinations that are for the few, the thirsty, the elite. Don’t Tell Supper Club is one of those places.

The newly opened 10,000 square foot restaurant/nightclub seems like the type of place that would be perfectly comfortable were it located in the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Lucky for you, it’s in downtown Dallas. Hashtag blessed.

A cool, dark, space that serves dinner Thursday-Saturday from 6-10 and then transitions into a nightclub, Don’t Tell features a menu designed by celeb chef Tre Wilcox and entertainment provided by magicians, contortionists, musicians, and burlesque dancers. Truly, anything could happen when you walk down the roped-off red carpet and into those double doors. (Valet your car right next door – it’s complimentary – or of course grab a Lyft.)

Inside the double doors awaits a carnival of cocktails, food, and performance art. Chandeliers in bird cages soar above the bar, while a brick wall ensconced by dramatic crimson curtains teases for scenes to come.

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Hours & Info
Dinner: Th- Sat 6pm-10pm
Nightclub: Th-Sat 10pm-2am