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Located on the corner of Commerce Street and Pearl in Downtown Dallas lies a traditional block building with a red carpet and unsuspecting front doors that simply read “dt”.  For many Dallasites, the building will be recognized as holding the ghosts of shuttered clubs from years past, but with the new life that Don’t Tell Supper Club has given to the venue, the ghosts have officially been invited to the party that takes place Thursday through Saturday evenings.

Don’t Tell Supper Club is a first for Dallas.  Sure, the concept isn’t particularly new, but it is too often seen in cities across the world with a strong focus on a unique club scene – think London, Ibiza, New York, Miami and Las Vegas.  DTSC as we will refer to it from here on out matches impeccable culinary creations from consulting Chef, Tre Wilcox, with craft cocktails all in a cabaret meets circus environment.  Confused as hell? So were we…until we went for ourselves.



Don’t Tell Supper Club

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Hours & Info
Dinner: Th- Sat 6pm-10pm
Nightclub: Th-Sat 10pm-2am